Commercial Interiors Awards 2019

09 Dec 2019 | Categories: SSF News | Posted by: Thomas

Two silver Award for our team in sections of Best Interior Department store and Mega Stores for the Project Hall of Brands in Ioannina. Also silver award for the project SportLab in Rhodes in the section of Fixturing & Materials. commercial-interiors-awards-2019-1 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-3 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-4 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-5 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-6 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-7 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-8 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-9 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-10 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-12 commercial-interiors-awards-2019-14